He was not hers to win,

She knew he had no other kin,

Yet she walked on that fatal path of sin,

And led him away from his bottle of gin…


She knew it was an  uphill task,

To make him all hers would never be easy feat to accomplish,

He seldom gave her any chance,

After all destiny had done it’s fair share,

Leaving them apart ,tarnished and bare,

She never looked back at him with a glance or stare,

He knew deep within she hardly stopped to care….


Destiny had changed,

What they had planned to avenge,

After all it seldom did damage,

Innocence that drove them apart and could only salvage……

That which was incredible and beyond age..

Love in it’s true form and breathtakingly locked in an “unseen cage”…


She seemed to be trapped,

In her world of obligations and moralities,

He seemed to be trapped by destiny and fate,

Interlocking his capabilities and binding him with responsibilties..

He would never call her to him,

He knew she was never his to begin with or dream…

He was hers to value and love,

Yet she could not to him say anything that seemed like it or make any move..

After all he had led her to heaven,

Made her live every dream of love spun with magic and tasted like nectar sent from the Gods above..

His smell would leave it’s lingering charm,

His touch like fire to her arm…

Yet she could not hold him for long without causing him harm,

She could not be his without raising an alarm…


She decided he had not planned the first part,

But she would decide the end of the second one..

She would fight with odds and destiny,

Take him away into her world of pristiny,

Wipe away his doubts with her inner sparkling beauty,

And together with him fulfill his duty,

But she knew he did not have the courage to face the social mirrors or tarnish his image!!

Therefore it was never hers to choose,

Only she knew she had nothing to loose,

the fight would be worth it all,

Knowing her personality,nothing ever would make her stop or stall,

If she really loved him with all her heart and more than that her soul,

She would twist and change destiny’s ,playing with fire and their fate,

She would walk down that thorny part..

After all she wasn’t a rose without a strong heart………..


Sometimes the ends justify the means,

He was worth everything ..

For him she would risk anything??

But would he accept her or shatter her to nothing..

After all he was a centaur without any true yearning…

Would she perish in his fire and remain with desire all through her life burning,

While he walked away from her without a glance and any true feeling…

She knew he did not want to fight his destiny,

She would remain his,locked in a cage by humans,

But he would never dare to unlock her,lest she destroyed him with her divinity…

He was always tied to her through his soul’s purity…..

Yet between them there would be no gravity,

She wanted to fall and never hit the ground,

She knew and trusted him to hold her ,he came to her without a sound….

The world would never accept their love, so true and profound..

After all a centaur and a rose could not be bound…

By wordly ways that seemed to be shallow and unsound…..

It was love of the truest kind,

That made one gasp if the other shed a drop of blood, that made one seek and worth the find…..

It was love that her to him did bind…

If only destiny would spare them the grind…

It was a  true perfect match which was rare to see or ever “find”………..


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