They help you fly,

They make you wonder why,

They make the grey sky,

seem blue and high….

They teach you to glide,

Through life’s ups and downs slide…

Before you can ever decide…

Only you know why you preside….

By it’s rules you seldom abide…

They make you THINK,

Sometimes daydreaming at work can lead to a career- sink,

While your on life’s edge or brink,

Dreams can take out of everything or create a new link…


Whatever You do, don’t stop dreaming,

Life is worth living,sometimes at you screaming…

But you have your special world to escape into,

That is perfect and untarnished by another human…

So cherish your dream,

But have the courage to work on them,

And make them a part of your reality..

While fulfilling the journey of life in totality…….


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