Love Slips!!!

She was fifteen,

he met her at a school fest,

She seemed so different from the rest,

Yet she walked by him without a second glance,

When he took the chance,She gave him no cue,

He remained stuck to her pretty figure with eyes like glue,

Yet never for once did she give him a glance anew….


She was eighteen,

All set for the world,

Yet he seemed to her like rules broken and unfurled..

His Davidoff smelt perfect,

She realised it was worth a fling or a bet..

She met him at a party and it ended in midnight icecreams,

Untill she realised he was far from her dreams…


At twenty she seemed more in control,

What guys wanted she seemed to know,

Yet when she fell in love with a friend,

she did not know religion and caste would set the trend,

She would not from her stand bend,

So it just friends till the end,

Untill he asked for benefits,

She seemed to drift away from his and realised they would have been “misfits”…

That was not the end..

There was another series of proposals from a close family friend,

Whose mom was with her at loggerheads,

She seemed to walk on a different path,

Chose her career over him and calculated the math…


At twenty one there was an intern who she fell for,

However in stepped the jealous lover

And broke their little friendship cover..

Not that anything other than clubbing she did,

It was just that he seemed so perfect,carved like a greek sculpture and intelligent, with humour and looks to die for..

She did score,

But realised it would not be worth the office gossip,

And slowly gave him the slip…


The last one over whom she did trip,

She thought would last forever for keeps..

Yet destiny tore them apart,

She broke his heart and walked away,

Family duties bound her to an unsaid oath,

Kept her promise to them, she cried as she walked away from someone she loved the most…


Then came another..who led her on,

Friendship it was, 

But the chemistry underlying was too strong..

He never told her the truth,always stated he was a free bird,

Untill she discovered he had more to his story…

That’s when she realised not all that is seen is true,

And what he called “just friends”..

To her meant much more….

He would treat her like a tissue,

But to her it would be another learning issue….


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