Realisations at 25

I was thinking over the weekend of how my life has flown by in the last couple of years and figured that it’s really been ages I have done things for myself, thank goodness for travelling that happened this year and the tremendous amount of shopping, been a bit slow on plays and books the last couple of months but that’s ok. I am learning Karate this year so something new and that bit of my resolution stays fulfilled, how far ahead  I have no clue because it’s a painful journey and I don’t get the hang of sparring yet and something I am not good at cheeses me totally off…

Friends have been far and few but the nice ones have stayed on, some have reconnected and some have drifted away..Some people I have no clue of and some I rather not, there seems to be some that are married and are in their own worlds of husbands and children while some who still manage to keep in touch.. My besties are all scattered and some have changed and grown up into beautiful women , people I am proud of associating with..the guys have done well too and are all set in their own worlds of work or business…

Where does that leave me??

I am a dreamer,have always been and now realise that childhood dreams get flipped into reality and everything that looks nice needs to be earned , so maybe more focus on work and less on play the coming years..

I am going to make sure I enjoy the cultural heritage of the city I am in for the next few days or so and treat myself to plays and interesting books..

I want a little me time to reflect half of my twenties gone by and who I want to be in the next half.. I don’t want it to be all work, there has to be more to me and that makes me who I am…

A dreamer,nature lover,chef at times,or else nurse-taking care of old people,gardening at times, book lover,movie goer, shop-paholic, family girl, traveller, foodie,photographer,writer,poetess,mentor,teacher,friend,philosopher,counsellor,theater lover,dancing diva, club hopper, party-starter, coffee drinker,wine-lover,animal-lover,pretty-decent driver…. I realise there are so many sides to me and so much left to learn, there’s no end to what I can do and all that I can be, yet in the madness called life and the rush sometimes it becomes impossible to stay the way I am ..

The next few days as I cut off from socialising and clubbing, it’s time to take a journey to rediscover me and unwrap my personality and maybe trim the odd things out like anger, sarcasm, sharpness and bring out the feminine side to the wise a lot of challenges on my plate..savings wise-need to get back on track…friends- no more new ones..

Giving mom time is going to be an important task for me…

Hardly 11 days here and 14 days and I will flip over into a new year, it feels exciting,intimidating and wonderful but I want to loose the weight and the holidays have messed up all the diet plans which need to be reworked again…



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