She walked with a lot of clear light steps,

They looked at her with a lot of doubts…

But they could seldom point fingers at her,

She did her work and got out without a second to spare…….


It’s a man’s world  they all had declared,

Not till she entered their domain and stared…

Not that she was exceptional to look at,

But never did she get anything but applause and brickbat…

Not too thin, not too fat…

Her life seemed to pass by like that….


Her area seemed defined,

She was not to be confined…

Yet they tried to have her fined,

She seemed to be trapped in a perpetual grind….


To leave or exit was not her style,

To get used to the work it took her less than a little while..

Why she was extraordinary so without guile,

They would not understand untill, she sparkled her smile…..


Finally they crept away,

To plan something new,

Only she could intimidate the whole lot of them, whew!!!

She was a rare find or one of the few,

To whom work meant a whole new hue!!!!


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