She walked away!!!

He waited on the edge of the bridge,

She did not walk till he stood,

He waited hoping she would look,

But she did not see him in that nook,

The sea-breeze blowing her long hair looked like even the wind wanted to kiss her…

But he would only wait…


She seemed like an angel,

With children’s laughter surrounding her,

He looked at her hoping she would eventually care,

But she did not notice his deep,intense stare….


She seemed to be every genie’s wish come true,

Stood out among the many ,like morning dew…

Yet he with her would never walk down the pew…

He was only a ghost and nothing more to view…


She could not see him,

Or his agony when he saw her laughing at the young man’s jokes,

She would never be surrounded by blokes..

To her he would remain a mystery of unwritten & unseen strokes….


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