The flight!!!

He was a simple, big city boy,

She was a sophisticated metropolitan girl,

They met most unusually over dinner,

And she asked him if he was a drummer,

he said yes, doctor by day and drummer by night,

He had fallen for her love at first sight,

Regardless and unknown to his plight,

She walked out of the restaurant and caught a cab back home….


She had his phone number and sent him a text to thank him for the lovely evening,

He was waiting for her message and replied stating the pleasure and honour was all his,

She still had no clue,

Of what was in him to brew…

And he smiled to himself knowing, at least if nothing beneath that city girl there was a softness and manners,

He did not proclaim his love for her with banners..


The story goes on as she walked him one day,

he seemed to pace it slow,

She asked him why,

He replied stating if she was not enjoying it,

She had no answer to give,

That was the beginning of a fairytale ,later to store in their love archive…


Days and months flew by,

He went back home and mailed her almost everyday,

They shared music,stories to keep the anticipation at bay…

To his utter dismay she was not interested in loving him or his handsome pay,

She had her heart set on someone else ,

She broke his heart as she said no ,

He would never the real reason know…

But to him she would never be true,

He was one among the few,

Who could understand her and see his inside out despite the blocks she tried placing to hide his view….


The story started and ended with her,

She was never his to love or treasure as a lover,

As a friend she would stand by him till her end bade her adieu,

As a lover her hands were tied by the unseen few…

She chose to remain apart and aloof from his view…

Knowing he would have to move on in his life and start anew…..

Sometimes the best of friends do not make good lovers,

Which is why marriages rip and tear apart like bows of clover…


She had made her choice regardless of the pain, after all nothing was in her ” power”….

She was only a curtain mover,

In the game of life ,a bid to someone’s call , only a mere “doer”…….


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