Marriage Blues

Who is it that will steal your heart,

leave you home alone baking a tart..

Who is it, that will tear you apart,

Confine within walls and label you un-smart…


Only when you live with him,

Do you know what lies beneath the brim,

Sometimes at your angle looks a tad bit too grim,

If only he knew what she was facing at home, while the lights were dim…

After all he was a societal catch & a prize that every girl wanted to win,

Only she knew what he was,sighed when she cleared the morning trash bin…


He had made those vows,

Taking her hand in his and walking down those untidy rows,

To none could she share her sorrows….

As she untied her satin nightdress’s bows…

If only she could cry aloud and apart,


If only he did not leave her alone and tore her heart…..

While he walked in and out every night,

She  lay beside him, knowing he belonged to another,her heart full of weariness despite….

She lay unknown to him and unheard,

Her emptiness gnawing her from within,

The carpets seemed to stare at her,

The hall seemed morbidly empty and like a shell,

She knew she lived in hell,

Yet she had no guts to scream aloud or yell…

Only wondered and waited for him to return!!!!!!


After twenty five years, you would not expect him to stray,

yet she knew she could not hold him at bay,

To her utter dismay,

He never touched her or let her say,

For what sin was he making her pay??

He would with another lay,

But she could not break his walls nor stay out of his way!!!!!!







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