When you fall in love,

You often do not plan out why or how, yet you soar like a dove,

Everyday seems beautiful,

Every thing seems colourful,

Only till you know you can fly,

Your heart never talks to your head & asks you “why”,

Untill you realise you’re falling for someone who you think is a part of life’s game or a lie,

Who will never ‘own you or let you be his’ & all you do is everyday say to him a cold bye….

Someone who was not meant for you,

crossed your path,

Led you on to theirs like you were in a dream,

When you woke up you could not even scream,

You knew it meant more to you than strawberries and cream,

He was older, wiser and smarter,

You never thought he would lie to you blatantly,

You realised he did not lie,

He did not even have to try,

Cause he never let you into his circle of trust and you did not ask why….

You were not the sort of girl to believe otherwise or look back with a sigh…

He was composed, so sure of himself,

He was in control of his thoughts and feelings in his world did not exist,

He led a superficial life making others think he was non-human and beyond their reach,

Yet you saw what the world did not,

Which frightened him and amused him at the same time,

You knew you were definitely not doing a crime,

yet you choose to walk on the un-trodden path,

Falling in love with him was not the regular or usual part,

The more he grew apart,

The more you knew you were falling,

there was nothing to do or loose, it was your calling..

You judged him all ‘wrong in the beginning’,

thinking he was not worthy of commitment or long term,

When his life had nothing frivolous or short term,

he was someone simple to please,

And all he needed was some peace and calm,

He was so focussed and totally worked on you his unknown charm,

Nothing you could do to stay out of his arm,

Yet you knew his mind would slowly disarm…

He was so controlled, never would cause you any harm,

He was someone who could spend a lifetime with and not get bored or set an alarm,

Someone you could wake up to,

Someone in whose arms you could fall asleep , his presence like a balm!!

Every meal would be fun with him,every drink a sip of nectar …

There was an unseen connection, unexplained string,

That made you seem like you were constantly falling,

For someone beyond your league, into a space unknown and unheard of, while not stalling!!!

How wrong you were to say ‘he was worth a one night stand’,

Little did you knew you would see him in light different from what the world did , or feel ‘the blood’ flowing down his finger or hand…

‘Unseen bonds’ held you to him like a band..

When what he ate or did not seemed to lurk into your busy schedule,

You knew you had fallen for something without any rule

‘Your whole life of controlled living and obedience’,

Seemed to fly out of the window when it came to him and his signature touch or fragrance,

You wanted every kiss to last forever,every moment with him you wanted to not ever measure..

He was not something you buy with all the money in the world,

To some he was a caterpillar, to you a butterfly unfurled……

Hours with him never seemed to be enough,

You knew you had fallen….

When he explained with patience that seemed so unlikely the image he portrayed,

You knew you had to stop and listen, not get dismayed..

His charm was from within,

Seemingly distant and unattached he was to anything..

You knew you had it all wrong,

when you tried to understand him,

He was not capable of causing anyone hurt,

Even though he would bleed from within or on the outside..

He was soft and sensitive to the core,

Well mannered & a perfect gentleman…

Nothing about him was fake, there was not an inch of pretence,

Not an ounce of deceit, only smart & sharp wit..

Years of training had seasoned him,

He knew how to keep him emotions within the brim,

On the ‘outside’ remained focussed and prim…

He was  every girl or woman’s dream…..

The one he had beside him could not value or understand what lay beneath & yet spent all her words,

The one who did not, understood him even without an word,looking at his eyes and reading his unsaid thoughts..

The one who had him could not understand his world of pain,

Yet the one who did not need not be told,could feel it in her veins and waited for him to tell her ,knowing she would not be the “one” to gain,yet he was worth it all despite the pain, his soul was true and pure, nothing had spoilt it , of that she was sure…..

The one who could not even sense his basic thoughts,

Would be the one who the world knew,

The other would only remain a friend and watch him from a distance,

Knowing that she could never be his in public space,

‘Do anything to say or tell him to him she would always belong’,

He had touched her with words and chains ‘unseen and unknown’,

Over that she had no control, nor did she want to remain from him aloof and forlorn..

She knew him better than the one who had felt his ‘every bone’,

Yet she would wear the ‘unseen thorny crown’,

His princess in a world unseen & unknown,

She would be “his forever as a friend” to the world and bound in his charm..

In peace till death struck her,”the spell had come to take what was its” she lay still bidding him adieu in his arm….

Knowing that every time she stepped on Earth she would be only his to love ,

Care for and treasure, with that thought ,smiled her tiny Cupid’s heart!!!!!!


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