He chooses to be as cold as ice,

He knows I am not his prize,

With others he appears to smile and laugh,

While he steals a few glances and then realises he’s not taking a chance,

He turns away, walks on, his solitary path,

He says he is busy with work,

All of them do when they no longer want to strike a spark,

He is a loner, a solo flying lark…


She knows she stood not have crossed the line, 

Yet who was he to rule or define,

She never did once even try to confine,

But she knew he had withdrawn into a shell,

Where he could watch her without hurting her soul or ringing a warning bell…

If only he knew damage had been done…

But he did not look back and she would not ask him to,

Their paths would cross yet never mix,

The world played on its own bag of tricks,

Perfectly matched yet miles apart,

She understood his game and calmly chose to depart….


He stopped texting her like earlier,

Even the calls were rare and few,

Maybe he had work he prefered to her morose view,

After all she was one among the few,

Who could read his mind, understand his world,

Yet from her he chose to stay unfurled,

She followed his cue and became the cold,arrogant girl she was,

After all she was never his to begin with or will ever be his to the end….

He had chosen another to walk with him through life’s bend,

So why should she stand dismayed and hope and pretend,

When all she would face is a wall , a robot and a emotionless barrier between his soul and him,

If he was aloof and withdrawn, so would she,

She had tried calling and texting him, he showed he did not care or want to share,

So she chose to ignore,

She chose not to bare her feelings,

While her head was reeling , she walked away & chose to ignore,

Sorrow had burnt in her core,

Yet now there was no pain to store,

This she could handle with grace like an ordinary chore….

After all he had told her he was not worth remembering, so she better ignore,

Someone who had messed up her core,

Walked away heartlessly like it was an everyday folklore,

She was not anyone ordinary to trifle with or someone who would bore,

But he would never get her anymore,

Cause he had led her on to “ignore”…..




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