The whirling of lights,

The twirling of so many feet,

The roads seem long and taken a new beat,

You wonder your one among the many with an agenda to accomplish…


The cars round you fly by,

no one stops to ask why,

Everyone is in a rush,

Some to get to work,

Some to get back home from the day’s grind and crush…


The buses honking,

the bikes in between trying all new tricks,

Leaving you wondering if you know the different sounds,

the noises around you seem to die,

If only he would glide you by,

With him everything was a dream,

Without him your heart seems to scream….

The emptiness of his absence,

leaves you breathless and without any radiance!!


He loves the sound of his car,

rushing past you through traffic,

he does not seem to notice you waiting for him,

he only notices pretty damsels or someone dressed up ,

He seems to be busy all the time,

yet manages to stay spotless without an inch of grime…

What you do is not a crime,

After all he is more than ordinary beings that feel nothing,

Someone who will pass you by without stopping,

Traffic in the city blinding your vision,

His fragrance leaves you in total indecision!!!!



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