A set up?!!!??!!!

She was pretty,He was smart,

She was younger than him,not that age made a difference,

He walked into her life one day rescuing her like a damsel should be when in distress,

She slipped into his car,

Not knowing he would change her life and drive into it..

That would be a drive to remember,

Not that he would care or bother, 

After all he was not human like the other..


She met him almost everyday,

Sometimes over coffee, sometimes a drive,

Sometimes snacks and a beer or two,

She did not realise how hours with him seemed to fly,

She never saw his lie nor did she try,

His finger did not have a wedding band,

She had from him no demand…

But he had a lot more on his mind,

One day she asked him if he was a free bird or committed,

He replied he was not tied to anything,

She assumed nothing,

Believed him bit by bit and slowly fell in love,

Not realising it was an image of what was to come ahead…


The farce kept on continuing,

She called him, he would only answer her calls when he stepped out of his home,

She did not still understand he was playing around with her, nor was she so shallow,

Only a man could rip a girl’s heart apart and have the guts to play with fire,

She led him on thinking he was all hers and there was no-one back home waiting for him,

She did not realise how naive she was or her folly,

after all she believed her best friend would never to her lie..


One day she checked his Facebook page & realised there was more to him,

Than what she knew about him and there was a better half,

The legimate one,

The one who had tied the knot,

the one who had exchanged those vows around the holy fire,

the one who was all his to love and cherish,

The one who would be the mother of his daughter,

And the world would label the “other”,

she was a little too late for him,

He already had a life to the brim,

He was the cream of the class,

She to him was just worse than his most hated sea bass,

he had treated her well, yet she felt like crass,

Crushed under the reality of his truth and mass,

Would he acknowledge her ever again,

After she knew all, he told her his version,

it was up to her to sort her confusion,

Her mind she could control and explain with precision,

But her heart was hurt & tormented by his decision…


She would move on,

Play the game his style,

After she loved him without any guile,

She did not know the person she loved would be committed to another,

Yet this time it did not stop her from doing what seemed socially a total misfire,

He was special and once in a lifetime chance,

She decided even if the fire hurt her,  her soul would remain untarnished,

To the world she vanished,from his company he had her banished,

he hated the world of love, he thought it was loss of energy,

He had yet to see her depth and the truth behind her sad smile,

even if it took her while,

she got back to her place in his class,

Continued as if nothing had come to pass….


He ignored her, gave her space,

While he remained busy with work at his own pace,

She realised in his life she had no place,

Yet she knew in her heart if she was true, he would turn back to her among the few,

To her facing heartbreak was nothing new,

Earlier chocolate would do the trick,

Since this was grown up love it would always hurt or prick,

Yet he had at her flung the first brick,

She sent him mails with one click,

Yet he remained non-plussed and chose at her not to tick……

the candle of love burned till it reached the wick!!!!

He had delivered to her a lesson and an important kick,

Never to fall for a guy unknown or any old trick…







It was a set up, yet every moment with him was special,

She had believed it all to be real,

What he labelled friendship,

She knew reached beyond any ordinary relationship,

yet she had chosen to throw caution to the wind and steer her own ship,

Led herself on a heartbreak of sorts and a trip…


Was it  a full set-up,

Will leave that for you to figure out,

Maybe it was love he had inside him, which he chose not to express,

Maybe it was love that was lost inside his soul, through her he became whole,

she on his shoulder once cried, he had tenderly every tear dried…

there would be no one like him in her life, even if she would never be his wife,

She had no reason with him to strife,

After all she had chosen to get hurt by the kick or knife,

And she could ever throw him out of her life!!!!


She would understand the true definition of love, Through him understand pain,

Maybe they would or would not meet again,

yet she would remain,

True to him within her soul even though the world had her slain…..

After all she had walked on thorns down lover’s lane!!!


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