22 years!!

She was coy, he was arrogant,

She was naive, he was experienced,

they met at the arrangement set up by parents,

Soon they were taking rounds around the fire and got married,


In a couple of years they were the parents of two children, 

He worked and brought in money,

she stayed at home and brought in love,

To the world it seemed a perfect home,

Till she ran into his mistress,

She tore her hair in anxiety and distress..

How could she not realise he was being unfaithful,

She never understood who had taken him from her marital bed,

Yet she was stuck to him and dependant for their bread….


Helpless and ignorant, she had no means to earn,

out of school, she had given up her studies to light the gas stove and cook, her heart seemed to ache and burn,

She was crying for freedom,

yet he had it,

She had nothing, he had her and the other one,

Where had she gone wrong,

What was her sin ??

She would never in reality understand his complicated mind or why he treated her like trash or a dustbin!!!


She held back the truth from the world,

pretended like nothing ahd happened and went on with her housewifely chores,

Till she realised it was time to settle scores,

She walked away from him and set up her own,

She brought up the children and taught them to live and love without a frown,

While he spent his money on the other one,

She realised she had been duped all along…

Twenty two years of marriage crumbled like a pack of cards,

She had never understood her fault or gap, while he tore their relationship to tiny shards….


Life went on, the children grew up,

She remained alone,

But realised life is not the same,

It plays on you a hard game…

22 years of togetherness had faded away in seconds,

Broken hearts,broken dreams had changed her through life’s tricky bends…

She had reaped from it no dividends…

Was she to blame in this so-called sinister game,

or he the one who had all the worldly fame!!!






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