People, Reality

The new girl at work!!

She walked in with confidence,

they stared at her with indifference,

Was she competition they kept wondering,

Setting their minds tingling with alarms,

The men ogled openly,

The women stared with a lot of envy,

she seemed unattached and so carefree,

Soaring above them all like  a “bee”,

They never dared asked their boss – why?

All they wanted to do is test the “newbie”!!!


Some wanted to ask her out for a dance,

some coffee, some just wanted to take a chance,

they wondered what her status was,

& then walked away from her without a second glance..

She was the unofficial queen of romance,

So they at her took their aim,

Some failed miserably,none could lay claim,

She not without a blemish, a sultry dame,

Who they thought would walk down the hall of fame…


They questioned her abilities,

doubted her talents,

yet she knew she had nothing to prove,

nothing to win or loose,

she called in a game of truce,

stayed buried behind the maze of spruce…

Everything she did made news,

While some over her blew their fuse,

She did not care and always chose to refuse!!!

Till she was smitten by the unsuspecting recluse…


They did not dare ask her what,

She seemed to look pale and wrapped in thought,

They did not try to say a lot,

After all from her no attention they got!!!



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