Makeover of a Burger!!

The classic burger has so many looks , but what I discovered was something quite different.

What is the perfect burger?

What made it perfect?

Who made the burger so perfect?

When or why did it become double-decker?

Was the humble lettuce compatible with the  onion or the tomato or was it an arranged marriage destined to fail at some point for sure……What sort of relationship would it become or develop into?

Would it be a cheesy affair or a disastrous encounter with mayo, if food for delight would be made then burgers would top the list, would they?

Would the burger satisfy the person into whose stomach it went into or would it create pandemonium and havoc..Sometimes lettuce could also have a fling with meat and tomato depending on it’s food..

If food had real relationships how would they deal with break-ups and divorce is what I keep wondering…

Who would change the equation and how- would it be for better or worse???


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