Weekly thoughts

When you fall in love with someone it is difficult to maintain balance and not show the happiness on your face. On the other hand time something most of us do not have and sharing time with someone is a gift not only to that person but also you on the whole feel way more different.

People are so strange and cold in this city, I see waves of neglect all around and makes me want to stop and ask why the neglect, why the despair, why the disparity…

There was a party on in my neighbour-hood, thankfully they ended at 10 pm..I was just praying that they would because my mom and me have been through stressful week and crashing out at ten was the plan…There were cars parked all around and people seemed to be having a good time which brings me to the topic I chose to write about.

What is the definition of a good time and who decides what is good?

My understanding of a good time is a movie with my close fiends, but the movie has to be relaxing or worth it or else I feel like I have wasted an entire evening watching tripe…My understanding of good is my bestie calling me and surprising me out of the blue..or someone I love doing something cosy for me- my mom cooking up something for me…There are so many descriptions of good that it means differently to different people and everything is so relative…

There are many ways to be happy and one more way of feeling good is keeping your inner core clean and friends circle tight and small, enjoying and sharing the small joys of life with people who matter and value you for who you are..often you end up arguing or fighting with these people..While posting this I realise I have been so mean to my mom at times and caused her grief and pain, I love her the most yet correct and reprimand her at times, I need to realise she is not my douche-bag and handling stress is not exactly her cup of tea with grandpa in hospital for so long…

I feel so relieved to be able to blog after ages without being disturbed or interrupted..


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