Management woes at work

Dunked with work on all sides and pressure of working with different people across different backgrounds is getting to me. I am missing my dose of karate for teh last 4 weeks and probably the rage has no way to escape. It’s so challenging to work with people who are older but have no understanding of the medium they are talking about and yet bargain and want different rates and want to negotiate. It is tough to also conduct a meeting with someone from your generation who has no inkling about anything and wants the information out from you, a smooth talker but nothing upstairs is even more annoying. On top of that this week was bad because I had to deal with a horribly , rude banking official who thought no end of himself and also did not care about anything, unless I wrote a letter to the Corporate office and complained about not only how rude he was , but also very unprofessional and no respect to my personal space.


Personally I have so much going on with grandpa that probably work is the only way I know how to deal with pain and grief, yet it is tough and challenging to do that. I want to understand where I am going wrong, do I have a lot of arrogance or attitude or just cause I am creative, I am difficult to be with and understand. I want to understand where and when I need to change and the sooner I do that, probably the better will it get.I have not read a book for ages, have not watched a movie for a while and done nothing for my mom for ages. In this era of business sense, I will have to ensure that I do make money out of creativity!!


More thoughts coming up


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