He walked into her life!!!

She met him most unexpectedly,

she always knew he was around,

Never realised in love with him would she fall,

With him her heart would stall,

After all he never played with her feelings at all…


She stood at the street corner, taking a turn,

He waited for her to enter the restaurant,

With her there was no searching, no give or take,

Would he lead her to that unseen lake..

Or would it result in something totally fake,

That would cause her to despair and break….

If only love was to forsake,

It would be a mere game of give and take!!!!


She had given up on love,

so had he, but he met her and his world changed,

Would they walk down life’s journey together,

They perfectly matched each other…

Or would destiny tear them apart & ripping their tender dreams & hearts forever…


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