All in a Sunday

I write because it makes me feel alive and complete. Sunday was a complete race for me cause I had work stuff happening, a conference to attend, Lit-meet event with Vikram Seth & Shabana & kaifi…. to be in and also mom to take care of..

I just wish there was a day in between Saturday & Sunday which was just for me and stuff I could do. My aunt/masi from Philadelphia is down and there’s a marathon shopping list to be achieved, she has saris and Indian wear, blouses, leggings and a whole bunch of stuff she wants from India, typical NRI scenario plus a list of food she wants to eat and tuck into,so getting the classic ilish organised for her plus the Galouti kebabs is going to be quite an interesting feat to accomplish!!! 

This the personal scene but the work front is also gearing up for crazy times because we have the Book Fair mania hitting us soon and a lot of work to do for that.The lit meet has 3 more days to go and I wish to attend a lot more events but glad that I could watch 4 of the most important ones. I got Shabana Azmi’s autograph for my mom, since she missed it and is in bed with her leg fractured!!

Sometimes we women have to be super-daughters, super-colleagues, super-friends and at the end of the day still remember that we exist for us and not just the whole wide world….So much to do in 2014, a month already flying by and yet stuff to be done!!!


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