The moon

The “full moon” seemed to calm and caress her to sleep,
On her pillow rolled those unseen tears down her pink cheeks while she buried her head to weep…
Her soul seemed to cry ,break,burn…
That which he did not understand, it seemed,”the moon” could gently discern!!!!

Her eyes seemed to search,

That which was not found in any perch,

After all he was her’s to love, if only he bothered to understand her a little bit, if not quite too much!!

The moon seemed to understand her silence,

The magnitude of their love yet the walls of indfifference,

It did not point fingers or question why,

After all it let him have if not many, but one try!!


The summer nights became warm and dry,

To her he was just restless as another fly,

After all the moon did not say adieu or bye,

But rather chose to let her believe his lie………………….


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