The ironic fight

She seemed veiled in convention,

Not any other but her definition,

her face was not worth a brand promotion,

yet she caught their attention..

They stalked her by day,

Waiting for her to walk alone so that they could claim their pay…

She had no wish in her heart they say,

After all she was an ice maiden..

Not soft or smooth, but as lead she would harden!!!!


Her eyes had a depth,

They knew she was his mistress or in chains kept..

None but he would ever understand her true feeling,

Her beauty sent no one reeling..

Yet at her feet they say him kneeling,

His pride smashed like ice breaking,

Dreams and hopes shattered , none worth talking,

She was a “diva in making”……

They knew her to be unreal, heard her loudly faking,

His heart she held like a pawn,

She had captured his mind and controlled like a new born fawn….


The blood inside her flowed out like bubbles,

As she turned everything she had into ugly rubbles…

Dark as night,

She was in anger not a pretty sight,

yet she had over him all her might,

After all she was a princess engaged in a worthy fight!!!!!!!!!


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