Shreds of doubt

His love overwhelmed her,some of it she could not understand…
Without him she would be lost like the sea-beach or grains of sand….
She knew she could not win him over, till she understood the pain in his soul,
To love him she knew she would have to sacrifice her happiness, love that would make in her” a hole and him whole”….
He thought she was not loyal, she was fickle minded,
If only he knew for him she would die a thousand deaths,For him she would cross any bridge,, any ocean or him she would be always a giver, the touch of his hand up her spine sent up a shiver, after all she was his one true lover…

Her unquestioning loyalty was something she knew she prided on,

Unwavering like the mighty sea..
Yet he did not trust her loyalty,

To her he would not give all of his love, The steps he had taken seemed to falter,

She stood waiting hoping he would love her , but his love seemed to further slip,

She knew on him she was loosing her grip,

He would never understand her heart or he would have taken a sip,

After all the coat failed to keep her from the biting cold wind’s nip….

Love that had taken her heart on a  trip…


Shreds of doubt had crept,

He looked at her while in his arms she slept,

He knew she was not his better half , nor could he call her “kept”…..

His love had everything but was missing in the depth!!!!!!!!!!!


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