A day in the life of an upstart

When things go for a toss, everything seems to be awry. Things that go wrong in a boardroom when a girl is surrounded by 8 males, 5 of which have no experience or interest of listening to a 26 year old’s opinions. After all our opinions do not matter, we are not valued because we are young, inexperienced, form conclusions too fast and jump to them even more faster. Our opinions rarely matter because we are not qualified to make them cause after all age is an important factor. If I talk when asked or reply then I am supposed to follow cues and expressions of the rest of the people around and sense when to act dumb and doll-like and when to actually, if at all answer anything.

There is always a flip side in being informed,smart and having communication skills cause in the corporate world rules are written by those who have the money, are in power and can take decisions based on their age.Sometimes I feel like a fish out of water and wonder if people around the world also think and feel the same, which is actually the case cause in a so-called top cellular & mobile company my friend’s husband feels lost and quite taken for granted. There are things that go way beyond control and things that seem to be totally negative yet a ray of light flickers and lights up.

On top of that there is this whole phenomena that happened, a couple of years ago I worked for a huge PR agency which had an all women team all over the country and that spelt trouble for me from day 1. I was tossed in-between jealous women who had no vent for their mid-life crisis or marriage or relationship trouble and the chick at whom all the office crap was targeted, 2 months of going through pure hell before I decided to call it quits and then realised sometimes some opportunities are not always worth the emotional struggle.Here it is quite the contrary that I am surrounded by bosses who are men and have seen the world yet refuse to accept opinions or have an open- ended discussion. It is subtle monarchy or dictatorship in a sublime form.. While I vent out on my blog I wonder where values and humanity disappears in the world.

Another deep realisation that often hits me is that I have issues with people who are not well-mannered and sensitive to a woman. i realise that just cause I portray a tough exterior that does not mean I can be treated and spoken to like the way someone would handle a guy, does this happen elsewhere too? I should count my blessings and not crib about certain things that seem minute compared to the statistics that show youth being unemployed all over the world yet at the end of the day I guess I am more human than a lot of people and not perfect and still need to figure the ropes of the corporate world.


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