It was more than a lot just the weekend.There was a wedding on Friday, at the same time I got swamped with messages on whatsapp about a friend who passed away after a long drawn battle with cancer, I never kept in touch with her recently but she was a fighter till the end, I sometimes think life is too short to be bitter or cynical yet I realise I still hate the camera especially a SLR. It brings back memories of people who made promises but never ever last till the end. Life is strange and indeed paradoxical.

There was a girl who made her weekend escape from reality, she surrendered to traveler’s whim and took the road less traveler. Trains can be risky or safe and there’s always a sense of unease when someone ventures into no man’s land or marked territory. She had a travel companion yet felt alone and lost in her thoughts, she knew he was there yet not there and sometimes lost in a world of his own. Creatively lost in a world of her own, she realised there is fun in numbers but not all love stories have happy endings and sometimes some puzzles are left unsolved.The flowers in the landscape, the greenery around, the mud huts and the driver seemed happier than her. What was she looking for and what did she  end up finding..would she discover more or get lost in life’s tide…

There is actually very little time to do good and right, in between running the race for our daily necessities some of us fail to live life. Someone I really respect told me something really valuable not to waste my talent and throw it away all for nothing.I have so many decisions to take, an artist’s life is very different, I am scared of solitude yet confused about companionship,how much more tricky can it get.



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