Spring breaks

The blue sky,

Never asked her a question or said why?

The green lush fields let her walk on them and trip,

She seemed to have given him the slip,

After all he was never within her grip..


How can the water make love to the rock,

Asked and wondered the solitary stork?

She seemed to think he would break,

Her gentle soothing presence would act like a balm,

Her love would spill into his closed palm,

She knew she could at par try and tame,

or else be broken by him and tear apart, become “lame”….


The new tiny leaves,

Knew all of her stories and griefs,

Wondering if she was sane,

The forest decided to test her in vain..

Finally to her it caused more pain,

When she realised the rock would not become one with her terrain…


The sky looked at her sorrow letting out a sigh,

the rock never asked her why?

Yet she had fallen in love and given it a “try”…

While the rest of the forest tried hard to intervene and pry,

Not knowing she wore grief like a dye,

It soaked her core and burnt her soul, yet to whom would she lie??

After all the forest had let her rule without asking why,

If only he would realise and set her heart flying high….


Spring breaks,

Spring brings forth new nature’s tries and takes..


Yet no one knows whose destiny it makes,

Or whose life it forsakes….


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