People, Reality

Looking out

She was staring at the road,

The cab-driver sometimes taking a turn to sharp,

On her way to work,

As the big clock struck,

Bringing the car to a full-stop….

The people past her walked by,

Nothing seemed to make her sense…


She thought of the time she walked with him hand in hand,

With love she had stole a look or two,

yet her heart he had broken into pieces,

Undervaluing her love and casting her like a discarded napkin,

She felt unclean and full of grief,

Yet she had never stopped him or asked him, as he walked away to leave…


The love that seemed to brim and flow,

Now seemed shallow….

Her life empty and hollow,

If only love would stay in her life, not to be unfaithful and yet follow…


The cabs seemed to pass by, some white, some yellow,

Her heart was quiet and in it;s unspoken sorrow,

Seemed to wallow…




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