A lovely weekend

There has been so much happening that I have hardly got time to write all my thoughts, but sometimes it is important to collect yourself and pour out everything onto paper.. There are issues that run through my head the minute I wake up, or walk by a crowded street and notice.. someone I met told me that the whole point of life is giving and making people smile, there is so much that we have already taken that it is important to just give back and try to make others smile…Sometimes people around us say so many things only if we really tuned in and listened, we would catch the tiny cues of life. 

After a long long long time I just let my hair down and felt alive and normal minus any work talk or work related stuff, sometimes de-stressing is essential to make sure you survive the marathon..Went in for a facial and the parlour person was so sweet and nice and it felt meeting her after so many months..sometimes a facial can also take away a lot of blues away….

I met my cousin who got operated and is confined to her bed, she was so full of life and loved eating, now she has so many restrictions, it hurt to see her so bound..yet life is strange- to heal you must give in and confine urself..sometimes life has a strange way of teaching you so much…

It rained this evening and it felt blissful listening to the rain fall, the first showers of the year, felt so special, sounds of nature ….

Mom cooked the most yum chicken and home-made food felt perfect and so comforting, there is no one like a mom -someone who is there for you day in and day out no matter how good or bad you are or how many times you have failed…

Looking forward to a hectic week full of challenges and maybe a surprise or much to do and such little time…


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