Mango showers

On earth did her leaves gently fall,

Till the rain kissed her and time seemed to stall,

The romance of the tree with the rain,

Seemed to drive away every tiny ache or pain….


The mango fruit lay on the ground,

Trying to understand it’s fate or being either lost or found,

While the leaf with sorrow in it’s heart, wondering aloud…

 tried to speak up, not be proud,

 realised it was not one of the brood … would melt into the crowd….


The rain thundered on,

Seemed to her like a never ending song,

yet love had it’s fair share of being lost, forlone,

Only to her would make love and feel it in every tiny bone..


The tree had always been giving,

Rain was sometimes falling slowly, sometimes tripping, yet none felt the other was leaving..

Till the last drop on her seemed to dry,

Was it indeed worth another try?

The rest of the forest wondered, trying hard not to pry,

While the mango gave another loud sigh,

Sometimes not all questions begin with “why”,

Not all ” love stories” are a lie…

That’s why like nature, the rest of us dare and try!!!!!!





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