Urban life

She walked on ,

Seemed to be alone..

At the party they surrounded her,

Yet she knew she was all by herself,

They would go back home to their better half,

While she would return to her room,

While her relatives planned our prospective suitable a “groom”..

Her heart was full and seemed to have no room…


She wanted fairy-tale love,

In a castle way up high and above,

Yet her heart was empty unlike a treasure trove,

The key could be locked by the special one sent from above,

If only she would really believe in love….


The parties she went to alone, 

enjoying herself never for a minute for-lone,

They thought she felt lost and alone,

Little did they know she was happy being solitary,

Love to her was not rudimentary,

Nor was it a pillar so vital,

If only they knew the paradox that existed in her soul,

waiting for someone perfect, someone deserved her complete and whole,

Not someone who made her cry and lie awake while into her ripping a tiny hole,

making her cry and wait while telling her a blatant lie,

Her trust was fragile,

yet simply childlike,

If only someone understood her true worth,

he would not let her wallow and hurt,

Unlike the others who took more than they gave,

She gave all of herself away in love,

Only to be hurt at times or lied to or treated like tissue,

Seldom did any to her define the true issue!!!


Her arrogance caused to many infinite grief,

Yet she did not realise she was the cause of heartbreak and strife..

sometimes life changes people overnight just like a new leaf,

Making everything surreal become visible,

And that’s why they say “falling in love” is not always impossible!!!


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