Advice that goes out to women

Everyone needs a little guidance sometimes.Most women have been through so many ups and downs and yet smile and stay brave, no one will know their story unless they spill the beans. I have come across so many of these everyday heroes , that I actually feel proud to be associated with them. They are people who may not be the world’s definition of rich, pretty or drop dead gorgeous , but they definitely have fire within them that keeps them going and people around them charged.

Here are eight pieces of wisdom they had to offer:

1. You’ll learn when something isn’t worth your energy. “It’s amazing how many things fix themselves. It’s even more amazing simply acknowledging that maybe it simply isn’t any of my business.”

2. In your 20s, you’re still maturing and changing as a person. “There is a huge amount of personal growth throughout your 20s. Someday you’ll look back on your 20s and be like ‘OH HELLLL NO'”

3. Don’t worry about aging. “Life is a process, and youth isn’t the be-all and end-all of a woman’s existence.”

4. Things probably won’t go the way you expected them to. “We all have agreat plan, then shit happens.”

5. Don’t give yourself a deadline for major milestones. “I used to think that if I did not have kids or find ‘the one’ it would mean that I failed. But that is not the case. It is perfectly fine to be single at 30, and still figuring things out. Being single does not mean that I am not worth it.”

6. Relationships don’t stay the same for very long. “Relationships never ever stop changing, nor do people.”

7. You might start caring less about certain things as you get older — and that’s okay. “Many women in their 30s, myself included, start to feel more confident and happy with life. And a lot develop  I don’t care’ attitude toward others’ opinions, or  I can handle this’ attitude toward problems.”

8. Never become completely dependent on one person for your financial well-being.

Men come and go. Do not put your life in their hands financially long-term, get a job and make sure that at any given moment you can provide for yourself and possibly for a child. Because anything can happen. Divorce, stroke, car crash, cheating — anything.


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