The canvas!!!

He hoped she would love him like no other,but she was gone..

His hope,His tears,

His pain,his fears,

He poured into the canvas,

It bled with red, 

It burnt with orange,

It shone like traces of golden yellow,

Yet in the canvas of her life ” he was just another fellow”


His sweat, his fame,

His passion, his name,

To her he dedicated his life,

Yet her love was not without strife,

To him she caused infinite grief,

Plunging him into depths beneath the clear waters deep down the reef….


His obsession, his insults,

His  talent, his raw unaided guts,

His sarcasm, his candour,

All a part of his so called defensive emotional armour….


His blue,

Her grey,

his white, her black,

Threw him down life’s empty pale lifeless rack…


His art, her heart…

His painting, her cold, icy absence, turning his love into a delusion of her’s life and part…..


His canvas would never lie,

yet the colours seemed to aloud to themselves “sigh”

Unlike the world they let him “be” & never asked why???

Allthough he knew he everyday onto the canvas painted another blatant lie,

While the alcohol by his side gave him a so-called high!!!!!


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