Karan Johar being candid!!!

This is an excerpt from Karan Johar’s interview that I happened to find interesting and a portrayal of human nature..people say he he his gay, to me that does not matter. he has confidence and a lot of gall to do the kind of work he is doing. He has been criticised for a lot of things, yet the streak of spunk in him does not die down and a source of the best celebrity gossip.. KJ is definitely a favourite- hands down..

“Betrayal isn’t an option. For me, trust is one of the prerequisites of a friendship, and betrayal is not an option. One should know the level of importance of the information being shared. The scary part of keeping secrets is that every best friend has another best friend! So there is always a risk of information being leaked. That’s why I have a great amount of respect for private people, who don’t talk much and internalise information.”
ON BITCHING “Men, undoubtedly, bitch harder than women; they can be vicious. I enjoy it tremendously! I laugh because I find it all so silly. You will be surprised to see how grown-ups behave sometimes. I think, after a certain point in life, many people go back to being school kids. It’s like midlife crisis, where you don’t want to lose your youth, so you start behaving like a child. I am a victim of it myself. I enjoy watching people, who have problems with other people. I get some strange sort of pleasure. You suddenly feel very superior when you see other people having problems. It is human nature and I relish these situations. In my experience, men undoubtedly bitch harder than women! Women speak their mind and get it out of the way. Men can brood for years. They won’t get it out of their head and use it against the person if required. Men can be vicious. Women don’t allow anything to fester. They are emotionallybalanced. Men are complicated and insecure; anything that threatens them shakes their foundation. They are deluded and stay in denial.”


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