Mr Invincible

So he thinks he is hot,

The girls around would say why not?

They say he has a fortune,

Yet his life seems lost.maybe out of tune..


Expensive perfume,

The smoke around him, the colourless fume,

The emptiness in his soul leaving for her no “room”…


The fortress,

Around him did not let anyone enter his core, they would never say he was in dire mess,

Yet he smiled a lot less,

Let people believe he operated under stress,

If only they knew he was not careless,

His love making was full of finesse…


His passion,

Became her obsession,

His want of space,

Made him move of their apartment into an undefined place..

He left her without a inkling or trace,

After all he seemed to be in a unrelenting race,

But he set the standards, he defined the pace,

Not every night did he untie satin & Chantilly lace!!!


Invincible to the world he seemed,

In-conquerable his love was..

Unreadable as the opaque sheet of pine wood,

He was destiny’s defiance and unbeatable when in a gray mood..


0 or 100,

He chose none,

Which parameter they would not know won!!

His love never outshone,

His feelings were in a hidden zone,

Only if they heard her moan,

Into her he drove his invincible armour leaving her torn….



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