An encounter

On the outset he seemed cool,

To fall for him she was told she would be a fool,

But when did she play by the rule?

After all she had her set of invisible tools…


She met him at the pool,

He seemed content by himself and in white a little too cool,

yet she knew her game on was on,

If he had a say then it would lead to something or someone?


Destiny seemed to bring them together,

He was a celebrity of sorts,

She was nothing less than him in parts,

Yet their souls understood what was felt seldom by two true hearts..


He slipped away from the chaos,

She walked away from the poolside,

No make up on her beautiful face could hide,

that scar which he had caused her,

That cut that was lethal and sharp tore her beauty into two,

Yet she was known to a few,

Chose to stay out of the chaos and cause him worry,

At the exit he met her tearing away in a hurry..

By night,

She had to get out of everyone’s sight,

lest they saw her true form,

And raised questions causing in her a huge storm….


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