“Friends” with “benefits”

They met at a party, 

another post -college reunion, some thought it would be the perfect match,

After all two popular sweethearts of the batch,

He was quite they say ” a catch”

But she definitely was worth his match..

After all beauty with brains were hard to find,

Only with her could he completely unwind,

Yet he seemed to control his soul,

Obsession seemed to take control of her sense,

It was as if he had cast a spell to diffuse her mind with his “212” fragrance..

At the party the DJ played it out loud, she seemed to be drop-dead hot,

He whirled her around , while he drank yet another whiskey shot,

Deep down she did not know he was full of “rot”

Yet she stepped down on the dance floor & with him gave it another long shot….


He had everything that money bought,

Whiskey was no big deal, women were at his call and beck- the best of the so-called “lot”..

After all he was a charmer,

His smile and manners a dis-armour,

Maybe he played too hard,

After he was a solo player who dealt the queen her last “card”..


Rules were only made by him,

Her sorrows like the glasses of alcohol knew no brim,

She partied hard till her senses reeled,

After all his so-called love had her beneath him kneeled..


If only she knew she was to soon become a label,

A tag or someone else’s so-called used tray or tea-table,

Their love story would never become a fable…


So when another from Venus asked him her story,

he mocked, he smirked, he dismissed as easy as Darwin’s theory..

He carelessly even mispronounced her name,

After all in our society only “girls” get the blame,

He on the other hand moved to a fairer maiden, while another called a heathen grimaced in “shame”,

After all he was not in love, not a friend, but all the same..


He called her a friend with benefits,

Wondering aloud to his friends who definitely were the recipients,

Casting their ties down the bottomless pits,

He knew a lot, but definitely lacked tact, insight & “wits”….


What an end to a reunion party,

After all she was not worth falling for someone so shallow , so dirty..

Making a mockery of everything,

Finally he reduced their equation to nothing..

Trying to define to a few and say something,

He had only exposed his empty ego worth not even a farthing…..


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