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Bucket list

  1. Buy a car for my mom with my own money- saving is an issue- Cause I have to plan and think ages in advance
  2. Travel the world , see new places & meet new people- this is always been on the wishlist..I do it when I can but it is difficult to slip away and get some time off to really travel…
  3. Paragliding- something I have always wanted to do besides skydiving…
  4. Bunjee Jumping- from a place that is scenic, not tourist must do but breath takingly beautiful
  5. Learn how to use a SLR camera-have the patience to deal with it
  6. Buy a MAC laptop,I-phone- this is materialistic and probably I will be gifted one soon, but buying it by myself takes on a whole new high…
  7. Jimmy Choos, Steve Madden and a whole bunch of shoes to buy-shoes,shoes and only shoes- this is a fetish quite a few girls I know do have and probably over time the need to own a pair in every colour will die down, till then it’s my bank balance that has me worrying..
  8. Build a studio apartment to store my art and write- write and take notes and make it a place where coffee and conversation occur..
  9. Make a walk-in wardrobe- this is highly inspired by the movies..i just think it will be a lot more functional and organised and easier to find stuff to wear without going through everything..
  10. Loose weight- has always been there and will be there till I really loose substantial weight…
  11. Date & finally marry someone nice, someone I can do all my activities with…wishful thinking- Mills and Boons on my mind, Nora Roberts & of course Nicholas Sparks- if people like that really really existed- real people who were flawed like me yet unihibited and never gave up on life…I have to add P.S. I love you.. I have watched the movie many times but love the book…
  12. Learn driving….minus crashing into buses or any other huge sized vehicle..the image of a girl zipping past feels so nice yet is a distant dream…
  13. Own a studfarm..this is really the heights
  14. Become a wedding planner…provided I can deal with getting through a wedding..
  15. Drink Belgian Beer and there’s a lot to this but Belgian is one thing..
  16. Travel to North America & Canada by myself, do a road trip,backpack, meet people..
  17. Save money…dream on darling..this is a lot of high wishful thinking…
  18. Write my book- this will happen sometime for sure..
  19. Organise my 8000 books- joking- I am supposed to be organised..
  20. Become a black belt- again another dream- surviving kumite is difficult
  21. Manage my time better- much much better and get the most out of the day
  22. Skype my besties often
  23. Spend more time with mom- definitely cook for her and make her smile everyday..
  24. Give up sleeping early and wake up to sunshine
  25. Exercise a lot more- a lot more so I can indulge in adventure sports and stay fit..
  26. Watch more black n white movies
  27. Learn the guitar- so that I can play for myself when I bored or out camping by the stars
  28. Do a road trip- this has been there on my mind..yet to find similar company
  29. Buy a nice watch- this figures in my list every year
  30. organise my work life and find my mojo


Thats all for now..loads more on this coming up….I reworked on this and willl continue to  edit it and make changes every now and then..


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