Conversations with the girls

So the three of us across time zones had a conversation that ranged from greeting and wishing each other for a South Indian festival to the nitty gritties of staying married, finding the right guy and so forth. One is a lawyer so she is caught up in her own whirlpool, the other is married but lives in a different country untill she finishes her PHD and the last one is me- the author of the blog. Such an interesting trio you probably will never come across- a mix of madness, fun, passion,determination, innocent, naive yet grown up and very focussed at whatever they choose to do. Since the timings vary our conversations do not get on Skype , it is all limited to What’s app and suddenly no one should be surprised if there is 300 or 400 messages cause the three of us love talking and this platform is so apt for us.

I am going to admit this with a lot of reluctance but what’s app is an integral part of my life and is ten times more addictive than FB..The best part is none of us are insecure about the other one so the friendship is very strong and deep. We share each other’s work stress, marriage issues and everything that girls can talk about from makeup- Bobby Brown to shoes & movies and tid bits. It feels so connected. I talk, share, sometimes it’s stories of just how the day has been or work stress but definitely there’s a feeling of mutual trust and compassion and someone listens and responds, that feeling is absolutely surreal..

We have grown up so fast and into different people, yet there is a sense of search, one of us face, one faces an identity crisis and the other battles something else, bottomline being crisis and there is usually someone out there to resolve it..our moms go nuts trying to understand our addictive nature yet they fail and we remain connected through conversation…


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