She thought they were friends,

Little did she know she would fall flat,

Her trust would take on a new hue, maybe lay still like the non-living dusty blue table mat,

Out of the window she looked, while another on the couch sat…


Their meeting over coffee,

Was a lot of fun and exchange of words and giggles,

Sometimes loud, sometimes a bit muffled,

The bubbly one’s hair was always ruffled..


She liked him,

while the other loved him,

Their tears not hiding under the sunhat’s wide brim,

He seemed a lot less amused and grim..


They fought over him, he laughed at their state,

He knew he was always the center of a hot debate,

Their love life was without a single tax rebate,

Yet he stood wondering what lay ahead of the black, over-powering gate…

He looked at his clock, thinking aloud, if she was already this “late”…

Would it be a matter of fate???


She was jealous,

Her complication deepened becoming more and more callous,

At work she seemed to be ardous,

In love she was zealous……

If he knew how important to her it was and how precious!!!


She walked, the other stalked,

He ran,

She seemed to be eating whole wheat or bran…


She flew, the other’s love in leaps and bounds grew,

On his life similar patterns she drew,

After one only one would walk down the hall past the pew…..



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