People, Reality

2 States

I totally loved the book when I read it because it was such an identifiable story line which could have happened to any one of us. Falling in love with someone irrespective of their caste,creed and everything else is so normal, can happen while at school or college or even at work.Yet marrying the guy you love is an entire different ball game, falling in love is ok..Marriage involves communities,families,responsibilities and tags and labels which one is born with and that is how the entire society is structured. There are a few people who are getting married and breaking the norms but the cliches stille exist everywhere and more so in arranged marriages where similarities are the pillar for survival and choosing a life partner.
Case 1-I did know a girl who was smart, independent, friendly and outgoing, her mistake was she fell in love with her friend from a different community and he told her she was a good friend but he had family and commitments to fulfill, so marrying her was out of the rule book and off course he could not hurt his family but he did not mind being friends with her for benefits…
Case 2- The other girl met this guy after 7 years, they always clashed in college and were perpetual arch rivals, yet there seemed to be a spark and conversation struck and they re-connected. Their misunderstandings solved, he explained the sort of guy he was and she built her dreams. The next day he called her to tell her he came from a highly influential family and could not marry a girl out of his community and disappoint his parents
Case 3- This guy was a funny,smart,good-looking guy, he met a girl while living in Tokyo from the south of India, fell madly in love with her and got married to her.He was from the north of India. Some stories do have happy endings.
Sometimes love is not stereotype, we do not choose the people we love, yet sometimes life chooses not to let us love them.2 States can be anyone’s story and yet it is relatable. The woes, the upside and downside, the convincing and all the rigmarole definitely make it a very interesting topic to think about.I still personally believe love overcomes everything, yet there is so much more to it than we see on the peripheral side!!

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