Love or friendship

Which would you choose if you had a choice – i would definitely opt for friendship because even if love walks out of the door, friends are there right beside you..I have studied in an all girls school for most of my life and pre-university was also of the same environment..Have seen so many girls fall for the same guys and then fighting with their best friends, walk out on years of friendship for a guy and get dumped a week or month later and come back crying to the same girly group…Strange to see that one could actually forget the years of pain,sorrow and joys that they went through together just because they met someone who they thought was potential date material…

Maybe it was not that big a deal because people rarely care about anything other than themselves nowadays and friendship is all about instagrams,selfies and facebook posts- which are fine to a certain extent but the minute the digital media takes over the real world, there is a conflict that exists and there is probably a heated exchange of words that will follow and end up creating walls that takes sometimes a lifetime to overcome..

Insecurities,jealousy and doubts shatter the most precious and beautiful relationship ever.. Which is why probably looking at all the urban complications I decided to make a pact with my friends- “No matter who the men in our lives would be, we would never fight over them.” An innocent childhood pact did save us many times when we really wanted to lash out at each other and decided to let time do the talking and hoped that none would settle with the wrong ones..more than wrong or right it made us believe in one another and not did an ounce of insecurity creep in, we knew when to back off and give each other space..

The last bit will not be gender based..irrespective of whatever the minute friendship precedes over love, there is room for growth and understanding in that equation…..the minute irrational, obsessive love takes over there can be decay of friendship…

Choices all of us have, how we use them will decide the most important decisions of our lives and then eventually our actions will be all shaped on those lines…It all begins and ends with a simple “choice”



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