The best friend’s wife

She looked hot as she walked into the nightclub,

On his arms she looked more than just mere eye candy,

While he pretended he was not a dandy..

The beach seemed to be grainy and sandy,

He wished he had his flask of brandy!!!


The other walked into the club,

Wondering how could he end up with someone like her,

She seemed way out of his league,

Yet she would definitely to his dull looks and mediocre life add more prestige,

After all she had a rich daddy,

Someone who doted on her and made sure her credit card bills were always paid,

Her chores were done at home by more than two dozen attendants or a maid…


She walked into their lives,

Not knowing she would end up being one’s wife,

Into their years of friendship she would add shreds of strife,

Slicing their trust away with an unseen knife,

After all she chose to become his best friend’s wife….

Jealousy was the one that in her caused deformity,

She failed to bring into his life any sort of uniformity..

She caused in their friendship a gaping cavity,

Let hell all loose with her suspicious behaviour ultimately leading to her insanity..


What she tore,

Even with alcoholic breath under the tongue she swore,

They called her behind her back a “whore”,

She did had cold blooded murdered a relationship causing in it a deep seated , unseen war,

Breaking two friends, tearing them from one another, leading them astray, afar….

Her empty life was like the tyre of her BMW on the “black fresh laid tar”,

After all she had a fake life to lead onscreen as a film-star..


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