Work Life

A day at work

It all happens in India..people talk and talk and talk a lot more- some talk about their neighbours, some about their colleagues and while using public transport you tend to hear a lot of conversations that are high pitched and definitely loud..Somehow urban life is not always as exciting as the movies portray it..You rush through the morning to get to work and for people like me who have the worst sleeping habits- (write,read,chat,listen to music,watch movies) it is indeed a series of Herculean efforts to get to work on time..

The help not turning up for the last month has added to a series of woes, but does it lessen the load, not really??For those of who wonder why we still use help in India, it’s a catch twenty two situation, the girl who worked in my house had an alcoholic husband and two small children, she used to eat her meals in our house and take back food for the kids..her husband was so drunk on some days that he barely made it to work and the worst happened when he was in his drunken stupor.. She is a smiling girl whose dreams were cut short ,when her parents decided to get her married to someone settled in the city..Her children are two little angels and most of their clothes are and hand me downs I asked my uncle to get..She is so poor that on some days they eat nothing except puffed rice, I have given her staples  and fish and vegetables on many ocassions so that she can cook a meal for her children and they do not starve.. She was pregnant again for the 3rd time and had to quit after my mom discovered that she felt really tired and unwell..but her life at home is not all that great and I only pray she is safe and her children are not targets of abuse…

The difference between drinking for taste and getting drunk is huge and I will blog on this some other may sound controversial..

So my day started off well ,except that I got a crazy auto-rickshaw driver who took unusually long to get me to my transit point, from where I hop onto an airconditioned bus to reach work..I found my seat and managed to sit down and then my phone was buzzing with messages..Usually I catch up with my friends on the way to work and we share our lives and small tid bits till the time I reach work..It is normally conversation that ranges from a wide variety of topics and sometimes we end up advicing or counselling each other as well..In between a call from home to check where I have reached and find out if I have packed my lunch- moms are the same universally and have the same worries…

Wondering if all twenty six year olds have the same sort of lives..At work one of the partners and someone much senior to me had fallen ill and was hospitalised, barely a few went to visit him.  I know the feeling of staying in hospital without any visitors and hence decided to pay a visit, even though I could see raised eyebrows and strange expressions on people’s faces, as they lookd quizzically at me and wondered why I was heading to the hospital!!

It is strenous to get people to do things and actually ask them to work productively..It’s a challenge and a learning curve for me..


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