He was quiet,

She was bubbly,

They met that evening at an eventful party,

His laughter was full throated and so hearty!!


She raised her glass to a toast,

He hated anyone who would ever boast..


Her emotions played out on her expressive face,

He sometimes with her emotionally struggled to keep pace,

Was it another tug of war or race?


Like no one was watching, her, she danced,

Her heart within her pranced,

While he stole a look at her and glanced..


It was then he realised she was not mortal,

Half of Venus, the other half of Nike,

Every drink she would add or spike…

Through the crowded streets racing on her black bike!!


She played with hearts,

She played with humans,

She knew the gain was worth the pain,

Goddess underneath that figure,she was indeed vain ….


Under the cover of darkness,

She came alive,

Only to realise her beauty was a cause of strife,

She could never truly belong without being a label,

After all with her, some even wrote a “fable”…..



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