She looked pretty in blue and white,

In the crowded party she still managed to turn a few heads under the dim uneven lights..

In between sips of her cocktails and a few bites,

He managed to strike up a conversation, knowing it would take all his might,

Her response would cause him grief or despair,

Knowing that he could never share,

Her sharp eyes picked up his unguarded glance and casual stare…


She was guarded,

She was secretive,

He let her think it was imperative..


They looked at her but dare not approach,

Her anger could cause an egg to boil or poach…


She was distant,

Seemed lost in her thoughts and unreadable, maybe a little bit unpleasant,

None of them tried to buy her a drink,

Her looks would cause their soaring hopes to sink,

That’s when he walked upto her and spoke,

He offered her the can of  unopened ” Diet Coke”..


They were waiting for her to cause a scene,

They knew she would definitely slap him or ask him to come clean,

She was pretty tough, some thought a little too mean,

After all she was the uncrowned queen….


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