1. Drama queen
  2. Tragic Heroine
  3. Attention Seeker
  4. Shoppaholic
  5. Confused
  6. Irrational
  7. Dumb

The problem with women according to men. They think that most women are not rational and just attention seeking drama queens who need to complain,crib,while they discuss something. “It’s too hot baby, buy me an air-conditioner, I have nothing to wear to this theme party, buy me a dress, It is so long since we went on vacation, take me for a holiday honey, I can’t deal with this anymore, change yourself baby”…

The question is why does the fairer sex complain so much, is it want for more things or the desire that leads them down a dark alley…Is it need, want or greed or the inability to be satisfied and what would it take to keep them simply happy. A lot of men/guys I spoke to said that most women are complicated, bar their familiar circle of friends,siblings and parents….

Drama queens cause heads to turn,snobs can turn people off. I remember this girl who was pretty and liked a guy from her choir, eventually after many years she mustered up the courage to confess to him, when she finally did-he had moved on and was in a commited relationship. He told her she always had way too much attitude and seemed intimidating and rude…Today the same guy she called dumb is a commercial pilot in Australia and travelling all over the world…Now she regrets but she missed the boat and time did not wait for her…

Irrationality is something I will deal with in the coming  series, it irked me to no extent when I heard 2 guys discussing the fact that women are extremely irrational and cannot see through logic unless it is drilled into their head… They had their points to prove and i did not argue with them that time, but on a personal level I beg to disagree to a certain extent because I have been fortunate enough to meet quite a few women of substance, the kind of jobs they do and the way they work is quite logical and they are driven by logic even in their personal equations….Maybe an ounce of irrationality does stem in, but if MARS and VENUS were similar, it would have led to differences and situations which were probably plain boring…

I am just asking the guys reading this post to think about the times they have dealt with irrationality and if they did, then why ?? You can explain nicely and logically to some women and they will understand in a split second or a jiffy…So why generalise, why stereotype, why put us in boxes with labels..why not be a lot more open and deal with the differences..after all even Mars has it’s functioning flaws which Venus tolerates with a smile…


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