The divide

When you fall in love,

You feel like floating and it’s all from above,

Till the time you take a plunge,

Decide it is not real but you stilll go with the flow..


The man you fell in love with seems suddenly indifferent,

The love that was sweet now is irrelevant,

You fake your happiness,

You want bliss,

Your dreams do not match his,

Your expectations exceed everything,

You force him to become a part of the furniture or nothing….


Your love is judgemental,

Your questioning his motives,

You fail to make the house a “home”,

You need to come out into the real world and not always plan holidays in “Rome”..


Your life is blank,

Your so lost except the one time you actually drank,

Hopes and desires beneath the sheets have just sank,

Nothing seems to be worth the thanks,

You think you got cheated into a series of life’s pranks…..


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