Some people do think I am arrogant and have attitude and act “pricey”, I cross checked with a couple of friends and they had different takes on the topic..

Recently I got this assessment:

  1. I have attitude and it is not nice , when I show it in my personal life
  2. I am im-mature
  3. I am impulsive
  4. I am stubborn, stuck-up
  5.  I am over-dramatic
  6. I am selfish
  7. I care about just myself
  8. I am possessive
  9. I am rude and sarcastic
  10. I do not think and talk
  11. I won’t change
  12. I also do not understand many things
  13. I pretend to know everything but actually I do not

The fact that this assessment was assumptious was not the reason that irked me, it was more the fact that I had to listen to all this when the person does not understand an iota of who I am.

I was also told that I have split personality, strange….


Sometimes when people criticise you, it’s a wake up call, sometimes it is just a reminder you matter, sometimes it is a complicated analysis of what they want for you…


  • How much do you change for someone and why??
  • Will your change benefit them or you?
  • How will someone love you, value you, treasure you, if they want to change you
  • On the other hand you will stop growing if you do not respond to criticism
  • Catch twenty two situation- I am going to reflect on all this for a couple of weeks and then blog again about this

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