3rd time

Someone recently asked a girl I know this question. This may seem like a very simple topic to write on but there is more to it than meets the eye. So she was out with someone she liked and was getting to know one to one. The guy after a series of questions asked her why the third time was she serious about love..She told me she was blank and quiet, he probably thought she was a fool of some sort. Little did he realise that expression at sensitive time like this was beyond her and she was tongue tied at the gravity of the question..

This is what I realised happens to many girls across the world, we often run out of words , when we are asked to confess or say it all and then get mistaken for shy,arrogant and also maybe avoiding discussing anything at all…

So how do you define love, how do you know if it meant to be or last..Actually there is no definition for love, the minute you define, lay your parameters, it escapes like the wind or sandgrains through your fingers..If it is meant to last, it will without trying too hard or putting in a lot of effort.

A friend I spoke to said the following and I am quoting her:

  • The only difference between a boyfriend and a friend is that you are physically involved- otherwise everything else should be the same- this can be controversial, btu I am still quoting her..
  •  When its new- people tend to be who they are not- to impress/ get the other person to like them and thats when things get ruined because pretense on any level is short term but if you are honest and just yourself from the start it lasts longer …

How do we fall in love all over again?

When you meet someone you do not plan step by step of how to fall or try to love, it just happens..If there is understanding, compatibilty, sparks of chemistry and your comfortable with being yourself with the person, it’s the red light warning that it is love, just the intial phases..Here is when you need to slow down and take it slow to make sure it is in for the long haul…Nothing momentary will move the foundations of your existence…

What will set you apart is using your logic along with maturity to deal with any sort of possible issues and also how you deal with different moods..There is no fixed defined way to deal with anything..Just be yourself, believe in the best..I always say this “the best is yet unwritten” and follow your heart, the journey may be difficult, sometimes impossible but at the end it will worth it!!!!


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