Complication Personified!!

She tripped over him,not at first sight,

She knew her status was a creature of light..

He had in him a streak, something familiar yet different,

Her hero worship to all was more than evident,

Her friends and family wondered if she would ever learn the meaning of the word “prudent”….

She said it uniquely, she was always a learner , sometimes just life’s student!!


He met her for a drink or a drive,

She knew he would never understand her surprise,

After all he was a societal catch for some, and some a “prize”,

In love with him, she knew she would fall, yet love would also make her see a new dawn, a sunrise…

If only she would not question him or ask otherwise,

Life was not about diamond engagement rings or the solitaire’s size…


She met him a couple of times,

Everytime she discovered something new,

He would draw her out of a corner, change her every blue,

In her life he had brought so many colours of a unique hue,

He understood her, therefore he was one of the few,

To him she would always stay true….


Complication creeped in,

Her life was not fun without his smirk, his humour or caustic grin,

If she knew falling in love with him was a sin,

Her feelings existed only in her world, to him they meant nothing, was it so shallow that it was only worth casting in a dustbin??


There was another damsel, fair and pretty,

Someone who had gotten years ahead of her in the harbour of love or jetty..

Someone who knew him better than her,

Had him tied and bound by his “gentleman’s code of honour”…


He was stuck ,

He told her not to expect,

After all she was no fair doll or puppet,

To fall in and out of love in a mere second or snippet….

But falling in love with him she would never regret,

Beyond the world’s eyes there was someone worth loving for a lifetime,

Someone who was happy with little and someone whose love was worth winning,

Someone who knew that happiness had a different tone or meaning,

Someone sensitive beneath all that humour and grinning,

Someone with whom every long walk would be special,

Someone who understood the beauty of a sunset,

How could she ever not fall in love, loving him was definitely not worth a second of anything close to regret...

She hoped in her heart he would stay happy wherever he chose to be, not smoke another cigarette….


He made her grey world  pink and bright,

Into her darkness he brought understanding with patience and silver linings and light,

If she remained out of his sight,

She would be able to understand his plight,

He was a gentleman to the core,

Only another had the strings to his heart, a sight which for her was sore,

The other had only had love to offer him, nothing more..


He spent with her his time,

In the distant apartment, there sounded a warning chime,

Cinderella knew her prince would not be hers to love and cherish,

The clock would strike twelve,

He would return back to someone else,

Would her fairy-tale would fall apart?

In her life was it always the  “prince” was maybe meant to depart..

And he was one of the best of the league!!


She still had a trace of hope,

If only he would hand over his heart’s rope,

She would take care of it forever,

Making sure that he would leave never….


After all she had fallen in love with complication,

Resulting into a lot of confusion…

But falling in love with him was definitely not a planned decision,

Nor was it a move or manipulative calculation,

She was of a different genre, had a different notion,

Hoping her fairy Godmother would whip up a “magic potion”

Ending her life’s so called complication….


Warnings so-called friends had given her,

But when would she stop and listen to someone else,

She followed her heart, making the world sometimes think she was not all that smart,

In secret she loved everything in a bakery, definitely a hot freshly baked “strawberry tart”,

She loved gathering bits and pieces of art,

Yet the world thought in love, she was not smart,

Always seemed to wait for her to trip and fall apart!!!!!



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