Best Friends- Part 1

She knew him while she counselled him,

They met on a social networking site,

During sips of Cold Coffee or digging into a brownie,

There seemed to be so much to talk about,

He was getting over a broken relationship,

She saved his soul with her laughter and friendship….


She did not want to lecture,

He never thought she did, their thoughts met at par,

Seldom did they spar,

Painted the town red,

Not with partying but more of movies and long conversations..


Time flew and he was on his way to graduate,

She sat with him through the farewell,

By then they were best friends to stop and bother at people, their comments or stares..

Thick as the best of chums could be,

He shared with her his deepest pain, his stories…

She was his one and only friend it seemed,

Till she realised he had left to step into another world..


She made sure she kept in touch,

She mustered up the courage to talk,

On marine drive in Mumbai she finally proposed…

He gave it a thought,

Knew she was his best friend & someone different from the lot,

Her sensitivity, care meant quite a lot and she made sure she heard him out..

As a friend he told her she would always remain special,

Beyond that nothing would ever be possible,

Family,caste,creed and religious beliefs came in between like  a wall,

She realised love would cost her another deep wound, another steep fall…


Friends they remained,

The context of love changed,

She never ever to him again expressed,

He walked on a separate path,

She knew she would never cross that same bridge,

The word “best” seemed to be a reflection of irony….


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